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Teeth Whitening Systems
—Can lighten teeth by up to 6 shades
—Offers visible results after a few     overnight treatments
—Completely safe
—Brings back any veneers and crowns     to their original colour

You simply decide what shade you want to achieve. You’re in complete control.
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Teethwhite Home Whitening Kits and Top up Gels

 Teeth Whitening Kit
 0.1% Activating Gel
 6 Treatments
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 Whitening Pen
 0.1% Activating Gel
 35 Treatments
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 Whitening Toothpaste
 0.1% Whitening Gel
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 Top Up Gels
 0.1% Activating Gel
 6 or 15 Treatments
 From £20.00
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Home Whitening Kits – 4 Simple Steps

  1. Customise your mouthpiece to suit your own individual impression.
  2. Insert whitening gel into your customised mouthpiece and fit it in   place over your teeth.
  3. Use it every night or alternative nights until you reach your desired effect.
  4. Smile — and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Top Up Gels

x6 / x15

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Top 5 Benefits of
Teeth Whitening

Removes stains that have built up over the years from smoking, caffeine, red wine and food.

Giving up smoking — Have your teeth whitened a step towards achieving your goal.

Getting married — You and your closest family members will have a nice bright white smile on your wedding day for those all important wedding photos.

Confidence — Get yourself a winning smile helping give you extra confidence or a great first impression at work or job interviews.

Can take years off you.

The new you! You don’t have to have badly stained teeth to enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening.